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If twenty years of experience in branding and communication have taught us anything, it’s this: The harder you think, the more likely you are to succeed.

But time to think doesn’t come easy when deadlines are piling up. So instead of innovating the trail-blazing approach that might be needed, marketing managers and their agencies often have to settle for “we usually…” dogma or the latest passing fad.

At Bluebird, we look at every new project as a true blank page, starting from scratch to find stronger metaphors, identify more viable positions, devise cannier strategic moves, and build the propositions, messaging and designs it takes for a fresh idea to really make an impact.

And we do it using a simple tool that never goes out of style: Hard thinking.

the basics

In business as in life, you are what you do. And communicating is a huge part of what any company does.

Working in the sweet spot between today’s realities and an ideal tomorrow, Bluebird helps clients improve their relevance, reputation, loyalty and sales by getting the basics right.

Our clients include companies of all sizes working mainly in the B2B sphere—often in complex, highly technical fields.


Names, logos, taglines, brand language, graphic design—we help clients with these and many other elements of corporate and product identity. But we start at a deeper level, making sure the ideas behind your brand are fully matured, formulated and organized first. You can’t build a strong brand on weak foundations!


At Bluebird, positioning is about more than plotting points on a graph. Drawing on psychology, rhetoric and other fields, we turn positions into personalities that can enrich your company’s self-understanding and guide your work with branding, communication and more. It’s a potent approach that often yields surprising results.


Messaging development is the most critical part of any communication process. Yet many companies neglect it—and pay dearly for doing so. Applying the full weight of our experience and abilities, we’ll help you build a fertile messaging substrate that yields more effective communication at lower cost and with less frustration.


If you’ve asked Bluebird to help with your branding, positioning or messaging, it often makes sense to let us “finish the job” with top-class communication. We take on projects of all sizes, from single elements to product launches and rebranding campaigns. We also excel at corporate communications and executive ghostwriting.


“Why do you want a Facebook page?” It might sound like a silly question, but it has to be asked. Budgets are limited, you can’t have everything, and there are lots of options. In fact, it’s surprising how often “the usual” answers aren’t the most effective. Sharing our experience and insights, we’ll help guide you through the jungle.


The US is a prize market for many European companies. But differences in priorities, business culture, the regulatory environment and culture in general can make it hard to succeed there. Our US roots and local consultant partners put us in a unique position to help you overcome the barriers and achieve your goals in America.

the bird

Bluebird was founded in 2016 by American consultant/writer Tony Maxwell. A top-tier education in literature and critical theory has enabled Tony to develop a unique approach that fuses relentless “close reading” of brands and markets with conceptual support from fields as diverse as anthropology, rhetoric and cultural criticism.

Over the years, Tony has led or taken part in strategic branding projects for dozens of Danish companies—including over half of the OMXC20 list—and several American, European and Asian brands.

Today, Bluebird consists of a core team of specialists, augmented by external consultants as needed.

Tony Maxwell
Ideas, words

Lau Sass

Johan Rung

Tim Keenan
PR, U.S. Market

Michelle Bjerke Sass

Atlanta Elie
Science (Life Sciences)


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